Colorado Springs Mortgage – Getting Rid of PMI

February 13th, 2018

Colorado Springs Mortgages – Getting Rid of PMII’ve been in the Colorado Springs home loan business for 18 years, and have seen the market cycle a couple of times. As a lender, I’ve helped residents of Colorado Springs secure home financing such as VA Loans when the market has been hot and when the market has been cool. Either way, there’s never a bad time to own your own home. It’s a good idea as a home owner to watch out for certain events to occur such as when the market heats up and market home prices increase. By being …

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First Time Home Buyer Colorado – Get Pre-approved Mortgage

May 22nd, 2017

Importance of Being Pre-Approved By Your Mortgage Lender Before Shopping for a Home The housing market here in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Castle Rock is different than in past years. There are not many as many homes available to buy. So when a house becomes available on the market, there can be much higher interest in that home, and it is common for several offers to be put on that home within the first day or two. Pre-Approval Letter with Contract When potential buyers put in the offer, the seller’s real estate agent is requesting that it is accompanied by …

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First Time Home Buyers: What Are Lenders Looking For To Qualify Someone For A Home Loan

April 11th, 2017

First Time Home Buyers: What Are Lenders Looking For To Qualify Someone For A Home Loan   Lenders look at potential borrowers similar to the way that you would look at someone that you were going to lend $200,000 dollars to.  But we can break it down into 4 basic criteria that you should know as you start going through the process of buying a house in Colorado Springs. (LTV) Loan to Value LTV is a simple percentage of how much you want to finance versus the value of the house. For example, if you want to buy a 200,000 dollar …

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